The valve body adopts precision stainless steel casting process to reduce the resistance of the flow path to enhance the flow performance.

Valve body from 1 to 4 series, wide size range from 1/8" to 1", flow orifice fromφ7 to p25. meet the needs of various working condtions.

Seals are available in NBR, EPDM, and VITON, and can be used in air, water, oil, gas, vacuum, and liquid.

It can be controlled by external pilot air or electromagnetic control. When using the extemal pilot alir control, itcan be used in occasions.

without electricity, flammable and explosive. etc.

Optionalype from normal open, normal close, and double air control, compact structure, safe and reliable.

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Order Example: ENB series valve, 2 series valve body, air conttol, N.C.(1MPa), 3/8" port size, stainless steel valve body, EPDM seal, PT thread, with bracket, ERP code is ENB204- -10SE-P-B



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