Sponge gasket comes with self-adhesive.

Achieve fast and easy replacement.

No adhesive residue after replacement, no need to clean up the board.

Compresses and rebounds quickly for short beat work.

Filter function can be added under harsh dusty working conditions.

Configure your product

How to Order

Order Example: EGP series vacuum gripper, gripper width 60mm, gripper length 520mm, self- -closing valve, three rows oval hole, gasket thickness 15mm, sponge gasket accessory EPR code is:EGP60-520V-3F15-FOAM

Note: Sponge is a consumable in this product, please replace it in time according to the actual working conditions, otherwise it will affect the adsorption effect of the product, use temperature: -10-80, do not touch strong acid, strong alkali and other corrosive gases or liquids; do not touch sharp objects.

Suction-hole Type