VBC/LBC series ISO15552 pneumatic cylinder

  • VBC series pneumatic cylinder is a pneumatic cylinder which conforms to ISO15552 standard , bore sizes range from 32mm to 320mm. According to working regulation and force focus, the pneumatic cylinder was newly designed with completely change at covers and piston, with full PU sealing system, magnet integrated into wear ring slot, double cushion structure, strengthened cushion needle and guider. Also we studied every process that will result in better quality, from material choice, die-casting technology, covers machining consistency, testing style, etc. all made a further improvement. The pneumatic cylinder is automaticly machined by high precision CNC machine, robots, and automatically assembled and tested. Available with VBC series mickey mouse type pneumatic cylinder and LBC series tie-rod type pneumatic cylinder.
Model NO.:VBC32X50,VBC40X50,VBC80X100,VBC125X150,VBC200X100,VBC250X200