V52/V53 Series directional solenoid valve

  • V52 series 5/2 way directional solenoid valve, V53 series 5/3 directional solenoid valve, port size ranges from 1/8” to 1/2". Spool of the solenoid valve is cutted and one-time-machined from superior aluminum alloy rod , by high precision Japan CNC machine; Valve body use strong aluminum alloy ,ensuring clean and rigid thread. Dynamic and static armature made by Japan-imported hybrid machining center at one time with Germany-imported stainless steel material, ensuring high accuracy and rapid  magnetizing and demagnetizing; Integral coating of coil by thermosetting BMC ,ensuring IP65  protection, low temperature rise, longer service life.
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Dynamic/static armature made of Germany stainless steel material, fast response.
·Valve body use strong aluminum alloy ,ensuring clean and rigid thread
·Superior aluminum alloy rod for spool material, high precision machining
·Integral coating of coil by thermosetting BMC , low temperature rise, longer service life.

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Imported seal
 ·Imported grease
 ·Germany  stainless steel
 ·High precision mould
 ·Strength aluminium



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