SD Series Compact Cylinder

  • SD series compact pneumatic cylinder, bore size ranges from 12-100mm. Stronger self-lubricating bronze bearings of the cylinder gives high guiding performance and concentricity, while piston rod and rod connection is designed with rotary riveting structure, ensuring high concentricity, smooth running and low starting pressure for the pneumatic cylinder. The compact cylinder is designed with slots for magnetic switches in 3 sides, easier to amount. Rear cap and body of the compact pneumatic cylinder are riveted together with high reliability, while front cap and barrel are connected by buckle for easier maintenance. Grease and all dynamic seals are imported to make longer life for the compact cylinder.
Model NO.:

All dynamic seals from Japan, with Germany grease,longer life
Strong self-lubricating bronze bearings, high lateral loading performance
Piston rod and rod connection is rotary riveted, high concentricity
Rear cover and body are riveted together, reliable

Supply Chain:
Japan or Taiwan area seal
Germany Grease
Strong alumium material



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