ETV Electro-Pneumatic Proportional Regulator

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Adopt 32-bit,special closed-loop control algorithm to realize the rapid response and precise control effectively;
Control precision is ≦±0.5%;
Adopt high-precision built-in pressure sensor to improve control precision effectively;
Three-color digital display LCD,real-time display actual pressure and setting pressure simultaneously,conevnient to confirm and adjust on site;
Easy to change 4pressure units(Mpa,Bar,Psi Kpa)at any time;
Error indication;
Individual notes when output pressure is lower;
     ·Independent internal pressure output signal;

     ·4-pins M12A standard(male) fieldbus connector,3 meters cable;
     ·Easy assembling and operating;

     ·The built-in  filter can be easily remouved for cleaning or replacement;
     ·The valve body made by microdiecast technology;
     ·Large flow rate;
     ·Protection class IP65;
     ·Pressure range:0-0.1 MPa/0-0.5 MPa/0-0.9 MPa;
     ·Common characteristic parameter curve.

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