ESV Solenoid Valve & Valve Terminal

  • Compatible Protocols:PROFINET and EtherCAT
  • 16 Outputs and 32 outputs for option,16 outputs max.16pcs coil/16pcs valve;32 outputs max.32pcs coil/16pcs double control valve/24pcs valve(8pcs double control+16pcs single control)
  • Equipped with two M12 BUS Interface,realize daisy-chain wiring communication,brance connector is not neccessary,reduced wiring space
  • Diagnostic functions:system diagnosis,communication error,undervoltage,short circuit.
  • Safe output can be set at any point in moudule parameter interface.For example,when the bus connection is interrupted,the valve could keep the last condition,or be forced to close or open.
  • Plug and play:replace the entire valve terminal without shoutdown,the new replaced valve terminal could be identified automatically and operated immediately.
  • Simple installation and configuration,easy operation.
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