PU/PA/PE tube

  • Polyurethane tubing and polyamide tubing are widely used in the pneumatic system to transfer the pressure air power, they’re not the most important pneumatic components in a pneumatic system, but necessary. Without polyurethane tubing (PU tube) and polyamide tubing (PA tube), the pneumatic system can’t fit together. E.MC pneumatics & hydraulics provides polyurethane tubing (PU tube) and polyamide tubing (PA tube) in very good quality, precise, flexible, smooth, nice apperance, a very good solution for a complete pneumatic system.The polyurethane tubing (PU tube) normally has blue, black, orange 3 color, there’re other sizes like yellow, green, red, etc. for optional. The Polyamide tubing (PA tube), also called nylon tube. E.MC pneumatics & hydraulics nylon tubing normally has two types, PA 12 and PA 11-6. The PA 12 is completely done by new material, PA 11-6 is a little mixed with second material, both are of very good quality. Both PU tubing and nylon tubing has metric sizes are from 3x2 to 16x12, optional inch size from 5/32” to 1/2”.
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